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    Golden Flower’s domestic warehouse services are supported by three different locations in Australia

    Our warehouses are stocked up with a full range of vegetable oils. Every day, varieties of oil are picked up in pallets by members via collections note presented at our warehouse. Be it major accounts that come drawing 12-20 pallets in a single pick-up by their forwarding agent or small wholesalers come with their own vans on regular milk run for 2 – 3 pallets, we cater to all.

    The facility works well for everyone regardless of the size of the orders. With collection ranging from a single pallet to 20 pallets, this approach suits not just small to medium size wholesalers but also customers buying by the container load who often encounter unexpected out-of-stock situation that require urgent replenishment. For the independent small wholesalers, given with limited space or financial constraints, it frees from being tied down with big inventory.

    Have a question? Feel free to drop us an email and we shall assist you with unlimited possibilities. Together, we can make a difference. Who knows, the next famous brand of vegetable oil in the market place could be yours.
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