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    Golden Flower International (GFI) is one of the leading producers of edible vegetable oils in Malaysia with our head office in Singapore. We are proud to be the appointed packers of over 50 brands of vegetable oils for Australian and New Zealand markets.

    GFI is renowned for its range of quality edible oil, which includes Blended Vegetable Oil, Canola Oil, Soya Bean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Sesame Oil etc.

    All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards to meet our customer needs. Contact us for any packing needs under your brands for all types of Vegetable Oil.

    Our goal is to make you become one of the successful foodservice and/or retail pack distributors of vegetable oils. GFI is happy to partner with you to bring the finest products in vegetable oil and fats on your own labels. You can leverage from our expertise in the supply chain management with most sophisticated and efficient logistic system to bring you the most competitive and quality products.

    Together in this partnership, we can formulate a product and brand to your choice that shall be well recognized in the market place.

    Call us today, and see how we can both make a difference to your food distribution business!

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